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1) How to I proceed to design my survey?

Please send us an survey request (feedback survey questionnaire, satisfaction survey questionnaire, IT survey questionnaire etc.)  through email at survey@surveyrapid.com with any survey questions you may have. Send in your survey request with questionnaire in any format marking all demographic and mandatory survey questions, expected survey launch date, expected number of responses, duration you would like to keep the survey live, a first point of contact for the survey duration and/or any other information you would like to specify.

surveyRapid team will get back to you with a prototype of your survey questionnaire (approximately 30% survey completed) and with information on cost and time to complete the entire survey. We will take a few yours only to get back to you with all above information after receiving your survey request. Please specify, should you have an urgent survey development requirement.

2) How much will a e-survey cost and when do you charge us?

The survey charges will depend on the time and complexity of survey. We will design your entire survey and provide you with the online access to your survey and responses. At the time your survey is ready, we will send you the payments details for the agreed upon amount. We guarantee lowest survey questions design cost with shortest turnaround time.

You may also like to click here to get an estimated time and cost to develop an e-survey.

3) How can I distribute my survey? Is there any authentication required for the respondents to participate in the survey?

surveyRapid team will provide you with a URL that you can distribute to the survey respondents. Alternatively, you can also provide them with the survey page as an attachment. The respondent needs to be connected to internet while submitting the survey.

An authentication may decrease survey responses. In case your survey demands to have a generic authentication or a unique authentication for individual respondents, you need to instruct the surveyRapid team. You should also specify other survey questions at the time of requesting a survey.

4) Survey analysis support

An expert team of surveyRapid handles survey result analysis on request. On completion of your survey, this team extracts/download survey results and analyze the received survey data. This team uses SPSS as our preferred tool for survey analysis. The team will send you the survey analysis along with supporting charts in a MS Word and MS Excel formant.

5) What all survey questions can be turned into e-survey by surveyRapid team?

We specialize in survey designing. You can expect surveys of any complexity, having skip patterns, multiple branches, randomized choices and high customization with images/added features, from surveyRapid team. Below are some types of customized surveys that surveyRapid team can build:

    1) Various IT survey (Feedback; satisfaction; engagement etc.)
    2) Surveys with general or unique authentications
    3) Save and continue (later) surveys
    4) Partly pre-filled personalized surveys with unique authentication
    5) Customized survey with graphics or scripts.
    6) Surveys that sends emails to survey requestors on registering responses
    7) Multilingual surveys - survey in Hindi | French | German | Arabic and other languages . . .

                                    . . . and many more.

6) How can we do an off-line survey?

There are many available options:

A: You can send a HTML page as an attachment to the survey respondents. The respondent can take the entire survey but needs to be connected at the time of survey submission.  Download attached Sample HTML survey

B: surveyRapid team can help design a Word based/ PDF based or Excel based survey which your respondents can fill; save and send back to your team. We can assist you to compile all survey responses into Excel sheet (example of a Word survey) Download attached Sample Word survey

7) It is possible to have an survey directly in the email or is it possible to embed a survey in the email to respondents?

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8) My survey is too slow what can I do?

Your survey is designed in a way that most of the processing is done on your computer (and lesser trips are made on server). The survey transition is normally very fast.

Many-a-times post analysis, we have found out that it is the processing of your computer or internet speed that creates slow down of your survey. We have dedicated a separate troubleshooting page, in case your computer/ internet is slow.

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