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Quickly Build smart online surveys

Use survey builder to create smart surveys and cut down on survey development time and cost

No monthly charges or subscription cost Fastest questionnaire to survey turnaround
  Pay only for the survey you create or host a survey absolutely free of cost.   Use intuitive survey software interface for quick and easy survey creation.
Unlimited responses for the period survey is live Smart survey with advance functionality
  Once your survey is live you can collect unlimited responses and view/download up to the moment data anytime.   Create survey with smart functionality and intuitive interface that respond on user's action.
1.  Choose from available questions   2.  Finalize survey's look and feel   3.  Publish your survey online

Benefits of building your online survey with surveyRapid

Choose samples from showcased surveys



Completely confidential survey process and survey responses

Round the clock survey support

We provide 24 X 365 survey support meeting a strict SLA to answer your queries

Survey software tool with "Drag and Drop" interface

Use intuitive survey software interface for quick and easy survey creation.

Custom design survey capability

Have survey designed tailored to your specific needs...

surveyRapid - A diferent way to do online surveys

About surveyRapid

The surveyRapid is a company formalized by experts who have conducted primary research surveys for a decade in different markets through web based surveys. We can help you understand the potential questions subjected to the respondents following best practices of survey questionnaire set-up. The near final questionnaires, once ready, are then built up into web surveys.

Once the online survey is ready, our quality team thoroughly test these surveys on parameters like, skip pattern functions, survey response capture, browser capability, user interface and other custom survey built-up activities done on to your survey.

The survey development division of surveyRapid team is well equipped to handle your 24 X 7 surveys specific resuqest. Our survey officers are always willing to assist you in your survey design activities to ensure that you meet your objectives. Whether itís an in-house study; an offline study (Excel Forms survey) or a client facing survey, we understand the importance of your engagement and keep you surveys completely confidential.

So, if itís a survey indented to understand employee satisfaction or, if itís a survey to explore the markets, surveyRapid is your one stop shop for all your survey needs.

Email us @ for any kind of support.